• Brow Lift
  • Facial Fat Grafts


A 53-years-old Miami cosmetic surgery patient presented in our plastic surgery office in Ft. Lauderdale asking for improvement of the forehead and brows. She also complained of full and saggy upper eyelids.

During our consultation patient demonstrated low brows with significant hooding in the upper eyelids due to sagging (ptosis) of the brows and forehead (left). We discussed a brow lift (forehead lift) to improve symmetry and balance of the brows as well as upper eyelid surgery to remove the upper eyelid folds. Patient decided to have endoscopic brow lift only and no eyelid surgery.

We performed an endoscopic brow lift in local anesthesia with oral sedation. Using a small incisions hidden in the hairline (3) under control of small camera we elevated forehead skin from the bone, partially removed forehead muscles in the area between the brows and elevated both eyebrows for approximately 1-1.5 cm. Using small absorbable plates placed on top of the bone we can elevate brows in a desired position and correct their shape and symmetry.

On the left patient is shown before brow lift surgery; notice low positioned asymmetric eyebrows and heavy upper eyelid hoods. On the right patient is shown 1 year after endoscopic brow lift surgery; notice how elevated, symmetric and nicely shaped her brows are. There is significant improvement in the appearance of her upper eyelids; due to brow lift heavy upper eyelid hoods have almost disappeared. There are no visible surgical scars on her forehead after endoscopic forehead lift.

Before endoscopic brow lift (left); 1 year after forehead-brow lift and fat grafts to cheeks (right).

Age: 53
Gender: Female