• Breast Reduction


Patients with large breasts complain about neck, shoulder and back pain, moist and irritated skin under the breast, difficulties with finding a right bra and clothing and problems with sport and gym activities. This 46-year-old patient that came to our plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale was not exception. She was an active, professional women who wanted relief or at least improvement of breast symptoms and ability to enjoy a more active lifestyle. She was a 36 2D  bra cup size; she wanted to be a C cup.

After detailed clinical evaluation including breast cancer history and risks we concluded that she would be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Surgery was done on outpatient basis in our office based plastic surgery center in Ft. Lauderdale. A vertical scar (lollipop scar) breast reduction was performed, 350 gr. of breast tissue was removed from right breast and 375 gr. from left breast. No drains were placed. Patient was discharged home after surgery. Her recovery was completely pain free and without complications.

This patient’s photos show condition known as macromastia or hypertrophic breasts with sagging and ptosis, and large, extended areolas. Patient is shown 8 months after vertical scar mammaplasty type of breast reduction. Notice change in breast size (C cup), lift of areola/nipple and an overall change in appearance of her chest and abdomen. After breast surgery patient lost 10 lb. She also had liposuction (body contouring) of abdomen and flanks after she lost wait. Her breast appearance and volume did not change after such a moderate weight loss.

Age: 46
Gender: Female

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