• Breast Augmentation


A 22 year old Miami Beach breast augmentation patient, 6’1” tall, wanted a “moderate”  breast enlargement that will help her modeling career. She had bra cup size 36 B and wonted to be a C cup. Clinical evaluation in our Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic surgery office demonstrated grossly symmetric breasts with symmetric nipple-areola complex. In the course of our evaluation patient was given option of several implant sizes ranging from 250 ml to 375 ml.

The simplest way for patient to  be able to check different implant is to place an implant  in a surgical bra, put her cloths on and check her size in the mirror. An opinion of a friend, mother or a boyfriend in this situation is very welcome. By trying different size implants within a given range helps a patient to make a more informed decision about desired size. Sometimes a set or two of implants are given to patient to take home to try it with different cloths.

Once the decision about size and shape of implant was made (with patient fully involved in decision making process) we proceeded with surgery. An incision 7cm long was made on the lower pole of the breast, just above the breast crease (inframammary fold) and pocket was created underneath the pectoral muscle. Silicone gel implant 325 ml, smooth, high profile, was placed in the pocket and incisions temporary closed.

Patient was set up on the operative table to check position and symmetry of breasts and areolas (patient was under general anesthesia and fully asleep). When satisfactory symmetry and size was confirmed by a surgeon and other members of the team we proceeded with close of the wounds and placement of dressing. Patient was placed in soft, slightly compressive dressing for 24-48 hours. After this soft support bra without wire was recommended for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks patient was allowed to wear any kind of bra or no bra at all. Image on the left demonstrates patient condition before surgery while image on the right demonstrates appearance 3 years after breast enlargement. Notice barely visible scar on the lower pole of the right breast just above the breast fold.

Nice conic shape and fullness of the upper pole of the breast is visible on the left breast in this half-profile view.

Age: 22
Gender: Female

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