• Breast Augmentation


32 years old mother of two boys from Miami, Fl.  complained that  she lost breast volume after her last pregnancy 2 years ago. She did breast feed both of her children for a short period. She wanted to be large C to small D cup bra size because her body “has matured “ after two pregnancies and “slightly larger breasts would fit better”.  She is shown before and 6 months after breast enlargement with round smooth gel implants. Breast implants were placed underneath the muscle. Periareolar incision along the lower pole of areola is used for breast implants placement. She is shown before and 6 months after breast enlargement. Notice elevated scars along lower border of areola; patent is using silicone film dressing (Scar Guard*, Mederma* etc.) to improve appearance of scars.

A side view of the same patient shows deflated appearance of breasts after multiple pregnancies and  6 months after breast augmentation with 350 ml round, moderate profile silicone gel implants. Full mature breasts are characterized with natural slope of the upper breast pole and fuller, round lower breast  pole. Breast augmentation scars along areola border may take 1-1.5 years to improve, soften and fade in women of her age. Before and after breast enlargement with 350 ml silicone gel implants.

This side view demonstrates nicely the difference between small and deflated cup B breast and enlarged, full C/D cup size breasts 6 months after augmentation with breast implants. There is no visible implant  borders and fullness of the upper pole of the breast gives the impression that breasts are lifted. Before and 6 months after breast enlargement with 350 ml silicone gel implants placed underneath the muscle.

Age: 32
Gender: Female

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