Are Breast Implants Permanent? Info on Longevity & Removal Process

Are Breast Implants Permanent? Info on Longevity & Removal Process


Are Breast Implants Permanent?

Considering breast augmentation surgery and wondering: are breast implants permanent? It’s a logical first question to ask when talking to a certified plastic surgeon. We discuss the longevity of breast implants as well as information regarding the removal and/or replacement of the implants.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last: Saline vs Silicone?

It’s been well established that stable, well made and correctly inserted breast implants will last anywhere from 8 to 10 years. There is no real difference between silicone and saline here, and both will last the same amount of time if cared for.

Much more common is the question related to replacement. Do you have to replace breast implants every 10 years?

The answer is no. The only real reason to replace implants is if they deflate (saline) or rupture (silicone). Some patients want to replace their implants for a bigger size or undergo a breast lift procedure. This is not related to the expiration date on the implant (there is no expiration date) but more related to a desire to maintain an ideal physique and manage symptoms of aging in general.

How Often do You Need to Replace Breast Implants?

As mentioned above, there is no need to replace breast implants unless there is a complication related to the implant itself, or a desire for additional surgeries. Minor surgery to reposition existing breast implants can also be option.

Is It Difficult to Remove Breast Implants?

Are breast implants permanent? No and they can be removed completely as well. Though not a popular option, there are times when breast implant removal surgery is necessary.

Surgeons may elect to use the same incision area that was chosen for the original implant surgery, which may deepen the scar tissue. It’s important to discuss your options for breast implant removal and keep this tid bit in mind.

Is Breast Implant Removal Covered by Insurance?

Only when removal is medically necessary could it potentially be covered by health insurance. For the most part, cosmetic surgery is not deemed medically necessary which means it won’t be covered by insurance. If your breast implant has ruptured, is leaking, or is causing other health-related complications, there is a good chance it will be covered by insurance.