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A 43 years-old male, a plastic surgery patient from Palm Beach came to us requesting correction of the size of his breasts. He exercised regularly and was generally very happy with the appearance of his arms and torso except for his breasts which were “too large”. He remembered that he had similar condition as a teenager but his breasts were flat since. Two years ago he noticed that his breasts were growing bigger. His weight remained the same.

During office consultation in our Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgery office we discussed a condition called gynecomastia, a benign enlargement of male breast. We have suggested a surgical solution which included removal of redundant breast tissue by means of liposuction. Considering that most of the breast enlargement occur due to  increased fat content in the breast tissue it is possible to remove fat tissue and/or breast gland using suction assisted lipectomy.

In general anesthesia supervised by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist we performed liposuction of the breast removing redundant tissue.

Before gynecomastia surgery (left): 1.5 years after liposuction of breasts for correction of gynecomastia (right).

Before surgery for gynecomastia, a profile view (left); 1.5 years after liposuction of breasts for correction of gynecomastia (right).

Age: 43
Gender: Male

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