This 55-year-old patient wanted a moderate improvement in her neck and jawline. After discussing two different options (neck vs. face/neck lift), we decided to proceed with a lower face/neck lift. As per our routine, surgery was done using twilight anesthesia. In the course of 3 hours, we performed liposuction of neck and jawline, tightening and…

Neck lift

This fifty years old patient wanted small correction of the neck. Neck lift associated with conservative liposuction and jowl reduction was performed in twilight anesthesia. before and 6 months after photos are shown. Marketing

Face and Neck Lift- Secondary

This patient had her first face/neck lift done at age of 58; this was followed with her second face lift 11 years later.  Her last  face and neck lift was done in local anesthesia. She was back to work next day after surgery. Patient is presented before first and 3 days after her second face/neck…

Face and neck lift

This out of town patient wanted improvement of the neck and jawline. We decided to do face and neck lift (SMAS) in twilight anesthesia. patient is shown before and 10 months after face and neck lift. Marketing


This 49 years old patient wanted facial rejuvenation.Her major concerns were full neck, sagging of lower face and full, droopy upper eyelids. After discussing her options she decided to have lower face/neck lift and upper eyelid surgery. In twilight anesthesia we first completed very conservative upper blepharoplasty (per patient request), followed with neck and face…

Neck Lift & Facial chin implant

This patient wanted stronger, more masculine chin and jaw. After thorough evaluation and discussion about his goals we decided to proceed with neck lift and chin augmentation with implant. patient is shown before and 8 months after chin augmentation and neck lift. Marketing

Brow lift

This patient wanted shorter forehead, brow lift, improvement around eyelids and neck lift. She is shown 10 days after hairline brow lift. Notice improved position of brows, loss of heavy frowning muscles and scar/incision completely hidden in the hairline. Marketing

Eyelid surgery- Blepharoplasty

This patient had her second upper eyelid surgery, 12 years after we did her first lower and upper blepharoplasty.  Surgery was done in local anesthesia. Patient is shown before and 6 months after upper eyelid surgery. Marketing

Face and neck lift

This patient from abroad wanted correction of heavy neck, jowls and droopy eyelids. Her surgery was done in twilight anesthesia on outpatient basis; face and neck lift (SMAS) was done in combination with upper and lower blepharoplasty and fat grafting of the cheeks and peri-orbital area. Patient is shown before and 1 year after facial…


This patient was not satisfied with the result of a face and neck lift performed 2 years before by another surgeon; she came to us for a second opinion consultation. Her major concerns were earlobe deformities (pixie ears) as well as an anterior neck deformity. She showed signs of excessive scarring with thick neck muscles…