Rhinoplasty- nose surgery

Patient wanted correction of the nose, rhinoplasty, in order to achieve softer, more feminine nose. Surgery was done in general anesthesia by means of open, external rhinoplasty. Before and 3 years after rhinoplasty photos are presented. Marketing

Rhinoplasty, ethnic nose surgery

This patient wanted to preserve ethnic features of her nose but did not like bulk and thickness of the tip and dorsum (bridge) of the nose. Open rhinoplasty was used to trim and refine tip cartilages, narrow the nose width, improve nose base and altogether refine and balance  the nose and create facial harmony and…

Secondary face lift

This patient had her first face lift 7 years ago at age 62. She wanted “some refreshment” and for that reason we performed second (secondary) lower face and neck lift and placed moderate amount of micro-fat and nano- fat grafts over her cheeks, around eyes and mouth. Patient is shown before second face/neck lift and…

Neck liposuction and chin implant

This patient wanted correction and improvement of her heavy neck. After in person evaluation and discussion about her goals we decided to do neck liposuction and to ad a small chin implant to improve result. Before surgery photos and 6 months after neck liposuction/chin implant surgery are presented. Marketing

Chin augmentation with implant and neck liposuction

This 23 years old patient wanted correction of neck with liposuction (neck lipectomy). After evaluation and discussion about her goals and available surgical options, we decided to ad small implant for chin augmentation in order to enhance the overall result. patient is shown before surgery and 6 months after neck liposuction and  chin augmentation with…

Neck Liposuction and Lipectomy - 14556

Neck Liposuction and Lipectomy - 14556

  This 19-year-old patient had a neck lipectomy with liposuction. She had a superficial compartment of her neck and jawline that our board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale treated with regular lipo to help achieve her desired look. The 19-year-old patient did not need to lose any weight for the procedures.  We have seen an…

Facial Jaw Implants

This young man wanted stronger jaws and more masculine look. To achieve this goal, we decided to do jaw augmentation with implants; medium size jaw implants  were placed through incisions inside the mouth. Patient is shown before and 14 months after jaw augmentation with implants. Marketing

Jaw angle augmentation with implants

This patient who is a competitive body builder wanted augmentation of the jaws to create more width in his lower face and jawline. Surgery consisted of augmentation with silicone jaw angle  implants and neck lift to further define his lower jaw line. Before and 6 months after photos are presented. Marketing