Brazilian Butt Lift

This patient initially wanted just liposuction of flanks, lower back and abdomen.  It took us  significant efforts to persuade her that addition of fat grafts for shaping and augmentation of hips and buttocks will create more impressive result. Liposuction of torso 360 followed with fat grafting to buttocks and hips was done in general anesthesia.…

Brazilian Butt Lift, Revision

This patient had BBL done 4 years ago by another plastic surgeon. Despite very nice overall result, she wanted revision by means of filling concavities of lateral buttocks/hips. She claims that these areas were fuller several months after surgery but in 1 year both areas lost volume. We discussed fat graft resorption as a cause…

Brazilian Butt Lift- BBL

This patient had first part of body contouring surgery done by means of liposuction of abdomen, flanks and lower back, followed with fat transfer for augmentation and shaping of flat, poorly projected buttocks. before and after 4 months photos are presented. Marketing

Brazilian Butt Lift- BBL

This patient had BBL which included liposuction of torso (360) and inner thighs/knees followed with fat transfer to buttocks. Considering very limited volume of fat grafts we could harvest from her lean body (800 ml.), we were able to place only 400 ml. of fat per side, for buttock and hip augmentation. Before and 6…

Brazilian Butt Lift- BBL

This 21 year old patient wanted body contouring by means of liposuction of abdomen, flanks and lower back and fat augmentation/shaping of buttocks. Patient is shown before and 3 months after BBL. Marketing