Zoom’s Impact on Plastic Surgery Demand

Zoom’s Impact on Plastic Surgery Demand

zoom's impact on plastic surgery demand - women looking at herself in mirror pointing out her flaws

Zoom’s Impact on Plastic Surgery Demand

If your business has made the switch from the office to working at home, then you’re no stranger to the video service site, Zoom. Many industries have seen a decline since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one business that hasn’t is plastic surgery. So, why has there been a sudden surge in demand for this service amid the coronavirus? The answer: what used to be a great and convenient way to see those who were in other countries for meetings has now become a staple in everyday business communications, causing many to turn the microscope inward on themselves and their appearance.

Zoom Side Effects

With more time at home, and many local hotspots being closed, many have turned to health and skincare routines to keep busy — especially when most of the workday is spent on Zoom calls. The spike in face to face interactions has increased the need to perfect their appearance and be camera ready. Scientists are calling this new, sudden interest in one’s appearance for Zoom, the “ Zoom Effect”.

Video cameras and phone cameras tend to not always make us feel the most beautiful. But sometimes, with a little post-editing, we can achieve the desired look we are after or one similar to what we see in a mirror. Unfortunately, when on a Zoom call, that option isn’t available. Leading a lot of people to turn to plastic surgery. The most common problem areas people look to change are the appearance of bags under their eyes, wrinkles, and more.

Others are looking to do more than make their appearance youthful and refreshed — they are looking to slim down as well. There has also been a rise in plastic surgeries like liposuction, sculpting and contouring, and hair loss treatments.

Plastic Surgery During Lockdown

Not everyone who is getting plastic surgery procedures during the lockdown period is doing so because of the Zoom Effect. Some people are taking advantage of the downtime they have at home to rest, and hide scars, before returning to work in the office or having to worry about social events and gatherings. For those who don’t have sick days or a lot of PTO, it’s a great way to work and rest at the same time. For those who need a break from being on constant Zoom meetings, the healing period provides just that – some off-camera time.

If you are thinking about a plastic surgery procedure and want to know more about post-quarantine plastic surgery, our experts can share more with you as Dr. Zoran, a plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, expects to see the trend of plastic surgery rising throughout the course of the pandemic and lockdown.


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