What to Expect After a Buttock Enhancement Procedure

What to Expect After a Buttock Enhancement Procedure

Buttock Enhancement Procedure Expectations

With experience in nearly every cosmetic surgery procedure, the office of Dr. Zoran Potparic shares information on what to expect after a buttock enhancement procedure.  

Recovery Time for Buttock Enhancements

Recovery times for this procedure will vary from patient to patient. With buttock enhancements being a relatively quick procedure that usually only lasts two hours, recovery time is relatively fast compared to other more extensive procedures, such as tummy tuck revisions. The recovery time most often lasts anywhere from three weeks to three months, depending on the patient.  

How to Speed Up Recovery Time After Buttock Enhancement Procedure

Pay particularly close attention to instructions given to you by your specialist post-procedure. While our following suggestions will help you speed up recovery time, each patient and recovery time will be different. The best way to ensure a safe, speedy recovery is to consult with the specialist performing your procedure.   

Actions to Avoid

It is vital to minimize sitting time during the first week after your procedure. If sitting can’t be avoided, place the pressure on your thighs or abdomen to avoid putting pressure on your buttocks.  

You will need to sleep on your stomach or side for the first few weeks after your surgery. As time passes, you may be able to resume sitting; however, it is recommended to do so with a soft cushion between you and the chair.  

During your recovery time (anywhere from a week to a month), it is important to avoid strenuous activities. This means no exercise of any kind. Typically, after six weeks, the patient may resume less strenuous exercises such as yoga.  

Finally, avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarettes for at least the first month after your procedure. These substances slow down recovery time and can have negative reactions to medication.  

Actions You Can Take to Speed Up Recovery Time

An essential part of this recovery process is to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids. Fat tends to build up in the buttocks. Since exercise is prohibited for some time after the procedure, you will need to ensure you are eating a healthy diet to avoid weight gain and so fat does not build up and displace the implants. We usually recommend diets high in fiber, meaning plenty of apples, pears, avocados, and broccoli. This also means the more fruits and vegetables, the better.  

As stated above, it is vital to strictly follow your specialist’s recommendations, as they are personalized to your body and your procedure. This is the best way to ensure a speedy, safe recovery. ​ 

Finally, try to get as much rest as possible, as long it is on your stomach or side. You may need to take time off of work or work from home if your job requires sitting. Consider investing in a standing desk. ​ 

Choose the Right Specialist for Your Procedure

With three decades of experience with nearly every cosmetic procedure, our offices will assist you in looking and feeling your best. We specialize in buttock enhancements, lip reduction and enhancements, and liposuction, to name a few. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation with the best plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

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