A Guide to Nipple Reconstruction

A Guide to Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an umbrella term that encompasses many different procedures that are all designed to alter the appearance of a patient and make their desired aesthetic attainable. It can come in many forms, one such way that our South Florida center for cosmetic surgery helps patients overcome their insecurities through treatment is in the form of nipple reconstruction procedures. These operations can completely revitalize confidence and self-image, and there are a variety of different forms of this procedure to consider! 

Dr. Zoran Potparic is a board-certified provider of plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale that has conducted countless reconstructive nipple surgeries. He provides insight into the procedure in this quick guide. Here you will learn what a nipple reconstruction surgery does to better the appearance of patients and what the different forms of this procedure are. Our expert team has been providing services to the community of Fort Lauderdale, as well as traveling patients, for years and is always ready to share helpful insights whenever possible.


What Is Nipple Reconstruction?

As a plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Zoran Potparic often performs nipple reconstruction surgery for patients who have undergone a mastectomy or other breast surgery. The goal of this procedure is to recreate the nipple and areola, restoring a natural-looking appearance to the breast. The surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia and can be completed in a single outpatient session. There are a few different techniques that can be used depending on the patient’s needs, including skin grafts, local flaps, or tattooing. In some cases, a combination of these techniques may be used. Recovery time varies depending on the patient and the specific procedure performed, but most patients can expect some swelling and discomfort for the first few days after surgery. 

It is recommended that patients avoid strenuous activity for several weeks following surgery to ensure proper healing. Patients can expect to see significant improvement in the appearance of their breasts following plastic surgery for nipples, with results that look natural and realistic. However, it’s important to remember that every patient’s experience is unique, and results can vary depending on individual factors such as skin type and scarring. As always, our team works closely with patients to create a personalized treatment plan that meets their personal needs and goals.


Different Types of Nipple and Areola Reconstruction?

There are many ways that our professional team can help someone in need of reconstructed nipple surgery. For women who have undergone a mastectomy, one option is to have the surgery using a skin graft or local flap technique. These procedures involve taking tissue from another part of the body, such as the thigh or abdomen, and using it to create a new nipple. This can help to restore the appearance of the breast and give women a sense of wholeness and femininity. 

For men who have had a mastectomy or other breast surgeries, reconstruction surgery can be an important part of the healing process. Men may choose to have a nipple reconstruction surgery using a skin graft or local flap technique, or they may opt for a 3D tattoo to create the appearance of a nipple.

 At our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery center, we also offer nipple reduction surgery for patients who are unhappy with the size or shape of their nipples. This can be particularly beneficial for women who experience discomfort or self-consciousness due to overly large or protruding nipples. Overall, nipple plastic surgery can be a transformative procedure for both men and women, helping to restore confidence and a sense of wholeness after breast surgery. If you’re considering surgery for reduced or reconstructed nipples, I encourage you to schedule a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and determine the best course of action for you.


Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale for Nipples

If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery center that can offer a variety of nipple reconstruction procedures that can make your dream look attainable, then look no further than Dr. Zoran Potparic! Get in touch with the experts today to learn more about the pricing options and additional plastic surgery procedures offered at our location.

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