In South Florida, the sun is hot but some may argue, the people are hotter! The state is a melting pot of beautiful nationalities – however, sometimes genetics has other plans. Like many, you want to enjoy the summer; that’s when the most popular trends in plastic surgery come in hand.

Let us break it down for you: the best procedures to get during the summer season are those that require little to no down time. Think injectables, liposuction, and breast aug – oh my!

Botox and other soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Belotero, all provide long lasting (non-permanent) results with absolutely zero down time. Be winkle free and get a perfect pout for those sultry South Florida nights in 2017!

Liposuction is one of the many miracles plastic surgeons can perform. The results are practically instant and you can have your dream shape in no time – just ask one of Dr. Zoran Potparic’s many happy patients. Same can be said for breast augmentation! Breast augmentation can give a fuller, shapelier bust to pair with that “itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini.”

“Results after breast augmentation and liposuction are immediate,” says Dr. Z. “Although there is some swelling and bruising, shape and size improvement is immediate. Position and swelling of breast are best controlled with bra strap which I require for 2-3 months postoperatively to avoid breast implant asymmetry and displacement. Same applies for tight garments after liposculpting surgery.”

It is also always good to keep in mind that it may not a great time for surgery unless you prefer to use summer vacation time to recuperate; meaning you are one to stay indoors, in the comfort of air conditioning to allow a speedy healing process. There are concerns when it comes to recuperating at the beach or poolside, or outdoors during the summer months. It may or may not be common sense that heat and sun can aggravate prolonged swelling or even bleeding post-op. If you do decide to have surgery during the summer, listen to your trusted plastic surgeon and plan on staying indoors for 1-2 weeks. Many body contouring procedures require abdominal binders or elastic girdles post-op to assist recovery, are not very comfortable in the heat.

Dr. Potparic says, “Both breast augmentation and liposuction have relatively short recovery time of 1-2 weeks. Patient is ready to be back to work and attend social events after 2 weeks although full recovery is 4-6 weeks away. The gym and beach should be delayed for a total of two months or can be used selectively with awareness that too much exercise/and or sun may hurt and actually delay recovery.”

The difference between wearing that one-piece or bikini this summer is your choice! Call Dr. Zoran Potparic Fort Lauderdale’s top rated and most trusted plastic surgeon today.