Yes, It’s a Thing!

Crisalix 3D simulation planning is an excellent tool for both the patient and the surgeon to visualize desired outcomes and results. It is the application used in Dr. Zoran Potparic’s cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic. The app takes photos or scans of any part of the body the patient wants treated. Dr. Zoran then performs digital simulation surgery on the photos taken to give patients’ an idea of the results. Visualizing these changes can aid in the decision-making process and help you feel confident about your choices.


“Crisalix is a very useful tool for discussing patient goals and expectations because both the patient and the surgeon participate in the process of analysis and planning for surgery,” says Dr. Zoran Potparic. He emphasizes that one of the most important factors in plastic surgery is listening to the patient and following their desires, while also guiding them through the process to make sure their expectations are realistic. It helps him to better understand the patient’s own aesthetics since every individual has their own perception of what is beautiful and natural. Dr. Zoran says that “adjusting the patient’s aesthetics with my own is a very important step in creating satisfactory results. I never want to leave a patient with the impression that the simulated result is exactly what they’re to expect – it is just our projected goal.” There are many factors besides the skills and expertise of the surgeon that determines the final result of the surgery, and some of them are not under the complete control of the surgeon.

Before they make a decision about surgery, “I see my patients responding to this type of work-planning very enthusiastically and with a sense of engagement. This creates trust and a special bond between the patient and the surgeon. It is a primary goal in my practice to create a long lasting friendship with my patients. I feel like this type of communication brings us closer to the desired goal,” says Dr. Zoran.

If interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Zoran Potparic, click here to create your own 3D simulation profile by filling it in, sending in three photos, and requesting a complimentary cosmetic appointment!