Looking to Lose Weight With Liposuction?

Looking to Lose Weight With Liposuction?

A before and after of a woman who underwent noticeable weight loss

Losing Weight with Liposuction

There are many reasons you might want to lose some extra fat. Whether it’s for health or aesthetic reasons, it is natural to want to see results quickly. When it comes to losing fat quickly, nothing compares to the speed one can lose weight with liposuction.

Dr. Zoran Potparic, a leader in the field of plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale, understands that while the concept of weight loss through liposuction is commonly known, many do not understand how the procedure works and how much weight can be lost. In order to make understanding the facts about liposuction easier, the team at Dr. Potparic’s South Florida center for cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale has made this handy guide for any of those interested.

How Liposuction Works

Can you lose weight with liposuction? Of course! But what will the procedure look like? For starters, know that liposuction is not a painful operation. Proper anesthesia will be administered by the operating staff, and safety will always be a top priority. Once the procedure begins, the removal of fat cells from the body will commence. Depending on the amount needed to be removed, this could take anywhere from one to three hours.

Will liposuction weight loss be permanent? When it comes to the fat removed from the body, your body will never grow back previously removed fat. It is important to maintain a healthier way of living after liposuction surgery; however, just because the previous layers of fat were removed does not mean that you can count on never gaining any weight again. So long as the patient maintains a healthy routine of diet and exercise, there should be no need for a second procedure if they are satisfied with the first procedure’s results.

How Much Weight Do You Lose After Liposuction?

Getting down to the more pressing information for many patients, how effective is it when you lose weight with liposuction? How much weight will you likely lose, and what is the recommended maximum? When it comes to liposuction for weight loss, there are generally a few rules of thumb to follow that our center for plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale recommends for patients.

The maximum poundage that the FDA approves for patients to lose in a session is 11 pounds.1 It is important to remember that this is not what people should be aiming for. Instead, it is the approved maximum, and you will likely not need to lose that much. It is also important to remember that if you are considering a South Florida plastic surgery procedure, then it should be done with experts in the field with years of experience.

Get With the Best Plastic Surgeon in Fort Lauderdale

Considering cosmetic procedures in Fort Lauderdale, including liposuction? If so, be sure to get the surgery done with the expert professionals at Dr. Zoran Potparic’s center for plastic surgery! 

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