• Liposuction


This 42-year-old South Florida plastic surgery patient presents to our office for consultation about body contouring surgery by means of liposuction. She gained 12-15 lbs. in recent years and despite dieting and exercise she is unable to improve.

After thorough clinical evaluation we discussed liposculpting by means of suction assisted lipectomy as a way to achieve desired result. We decided to proceed with liposuction of abdomen, flanks and lower back.

Surgery was done in general anesthesia in our AAAA certified plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. Approximately 4.5 liters of aspirate, of which 2.9 liters was fat, was removed from lower and upper abdomen, flanks and back. Patient was discharged home 1 hour after surgery. She had a compressive garment for 3 weeks after surgery. She returned to her duties in 10 days and started full scale exercise in 5 weeks after surgery.

Patient is shown before body contouring surgery on the left. Images on the right show postoperative result 3 months after liposuction of abdomen, love handles and back. A significant change in the shape of her square looking body before cosmetic surgery surgery to a feminine curved body after body contouring surgery is visible on  front views.

Age: 42
Gender: Female