• Liposuction


This 40-years-old patient from South Florida had a breast reduction surgery with us 2 years ago. This time she came for body contouring surgery. She wanted improvement of abdomen, flanks and back but she did not want any contouring of her thighs.

Surgery was done in our AAAA accredited plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. It involved suction lipectomy (liposuction) of abdomen, flanks and back. Approximately 4.5 liters of fat and fluids was removed. Patient was discharged home after surgery. She was back to work as an office manager in 5 days. She wore a compressive garment for 4 weeks.

Patient is shown before body contouring surgery on the left. On the right she is shown 8 months after liposculpting of abdomen and back. Notice a significant improvement of the body shape on the front, back and side views.

Age: 40
Gender: Female