• Liposuction


This 47-year-old plastic surgery patient from out-of-town had breast augmentation with us 12 years ago. She came back for replacement of breast implants and breast lift as well as body contouring surgery. Although she is in very good shape and takes care of her weight and diet she developed love handles and mild abdominal fat deposit.

After clinical evaluation was completed we discussed replacement of breast implants with breast lift and body contouring of abdomen and flanks by means of liposuction.

Surgery was done in general anesthesia in our office based plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. Breast lift and replacement of silicone gel implants with same size implants was completed first followed with aggressive liposculpting of abdomen, flanks and thighs. Patient was discharged home after surgery. She was back to work in 10 days.

Images on the left are before breast lift with implant augmentation and body liposuction. Images on the right are 6 months after breast implant replacement and lift and liposuction based body contouring of abdomen, flanks and thighs. Notice transformation of the square looking buttock/lower back/thighs visible on the back view into elongated, feminine shape after liposculpting. A noticeable improvement of abdomen contour as well.

Age: 47
Gender: Female