• Facial Fat Grafts


Facial fat grafting may be an excellent adjunct to a complex process of  facial rejuvenation. It is meant to restore loss of facial volume which is an integral part of facial aging. This happens after age of forty in most people, sometimes earlier in patients with week facial bones (cheek and jaws in particular). Replacing lost fat tissue with alike tissue (patient own fat tissue)  taken from another area like thigh or abdomen, is the most natural way of volume replacement. Beside replacing volume and creating oval, full, youthful looking face, fat grafting also affects the quality of skin. This is most likely result of stem cells activity. Fat tissue has the highest concentration of stem cells between all other sources like blood or bone marrow.

This 56 year old cosmetic patient from South Florida came to us for a consultation about facial rejuvenation surgery. She did not want “anything drastic” meaning face and neck lift or eyelid surgery, but she was open for facial fillers and “similar procedure without major surgery”. She was using Botox for many years and had several treatments with tissue fillers around eyes, mouth and lips. This time we discussed a benefits of fat grafts by means of natural look, longevity and amount of fillers she needed for upper face filling.

Surgery was done in local anesthesia with mild sedation per mouth (patient takes 2 pain killers and 1 anxiolytic medication upon arival to our cosmetic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. Local anesthesia is used to numb fat graft donor site (thigh, abdomen, flank) and face. Fat grafts are collected with liposuction, purified from blood and fat oils and injected into multiple areas of the face. Patient is discharged home immediately after surgery.

This patient is presented before facial fat grafting and 6 months after fat grafting of cheeks, lips, lower eyelids and eyebrows. Notice improvement around lips, lower eyelids and cheek junction and eyebrows which appear as if they were lifted.

Age: 56
Gender: Female