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This 40-year-old female cosmetic surgery patient from South Florida came to our office to have a consultation about the replacement of an old chin implant that she received 20 years ago. She had always considered her face to be too small in proportion to her beautiful body. 

In the process of detailed clinical evaluation, we found that besides having a small chin, she has hypoplasia of both middle face (cheeks, malar bones) and lower face (lower jaw and chin). To improve facial harmony, we suggested a replacement of the chin implants with a slightly larger, different shaped silicone implant to enlarge and widen her chin as well as an augmentation of the lower jaw and cheeks with appropriate facial implants.

She underwent facial implant surgery under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Her surgery included replacement of small chin implant with larger, extended the implant that augmented not only her chin but also areas of the jaw next to the chin. Angle and back part of the lower jaw was enlarged with mandible angle implants. Cheeks were enlarged with cheek implants. All implants were placed through intraoral (inside of the mouth) incisions.

Patient is shown before facial implants surgery and 1 year after augmentation of the lower and mid face (cheeks, upper and lower jaw, chin) with selected facial implants.

Age: 40
Gender: Female