• Face Lift and Neck Lift


A 67-year-old Brazilian woman came to our office for a consult regarding facial rejuvenation.  Recent weight loss and aging affected her face and neck to the point that she wanted to explore surgical correction by means of facial surgery.

Clinical evaluation in our plastic surgery office in Ft. Lauderdale demonstrated typical signs of facial aging; loss of volume (mostly fat tissue in cheeks, around the eyes and lips) and sagging by means of neck folds and jowls. Her neck looks heavy, obtuse with sagging skin folds (turkey gobbler); there is no transition between the neck and face since jawline has disappeared in the sagging fat tissue (left). After multiple consultations, we decided to proceed with a face and neck lift, and placement of fat grafts in multiple facial areas to lift sagging facial structures and to fill with patient own fat tissue to compensate for loss of volume.

Surgery was performed under twilight anesthesia supervised by a Board Certified anesthesiologist.  Facial and neck muscles and fascial tissue were pulled up as a SMAS lift; skin was pulled on top of it and redundant skin was removed. Before face and neck lift, the areas around her eyes, cheeks and lips were filled with the patient’s own fat tissue in form of fat grafts.

Before surgery (left) and 6 months after face/neck lift and facial fat grafting (right). One can appreciate youthful roundness of the face, fuller cheeks and lips, well defined jawline and significant improvement in the neck appearance.

Age: 67
Gender: Female

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