• Face Lift and Neck Lift


The age when female patients are looking for face and neck lift surgery is slowly decreasing. Average patient that comes to our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery center for face/neck lift surgery consultation is in her late forties to mid-fifties. Based on experience with thousands of patients who underwent face lift surgery in the past 30 years, it looks that patients who have had this procedure done earlier in their life (late forties-fifties) enjoy a more natural and longer lasting result then patients who have neck and face lift done in mid-sixties, when signs of aging are noticeable.  This patient is a good example of this trend.

She had her face and neck lift done at 56. This was our typical, SMAS based face/neck lift. Next surgery was upper and lower blepharoplasty that followed 2 years later. She also had 2 facial fat grafting procedures in the last 5 years to restore volume in her cheeks and around eyes. Patient followed a  good facial anti-aging  protocol with regular Botox injections every 4-6 months, soft tissue filler injections into lips and around mouth and comprehensive skin maintenance protocol.

Age: 56
Gender: Female