• Eyelid Surgery- Blepharoplasty


This 56 year-old Boca Raton cosmetic surgery patient, a successful professional women, wanted a full facial rejuvenation including upper and lower eyelid surgery. She presented with minimal early signs of aging of the eyelids demonstrated on her preoperative image; hooding of the upper eyelids, bulging bags on the lower eyelids with distinct groove (tear trough) dividing cheek from lower eyelid (left). This typical pattern of peri-orbital aging (eyes and around the eyes area) happens mostly due to diminished eyelid support and loss of fat in the cheeks and around the eyes.

In general anesthesia performed by a Board Certified anesthesiologist (patient had a face lift done in the same time) we performed upper and lower blepharoplasty.  A moderate amount of skin was removed from the upper eyelid preserving the muscle and fat tissue to maintain youthful fullness of the upper eyelids. A minimal amount of fat tissue fat tissue from lower eyelids was removed as well as a small amount of skin. A fat grafts were placed in her cheeks and around the eyes to compensate for loss of fat tissue that happens with aging.

Before upper and lower eyelid surgery (left) and 3 years after upper and lower blepharoplasty and fat graft surgery (right). We found that repeated fat grafting every 2-3 years helps us to maintain a needed volume around the eyes and to retain youthful fullness in the cheeks (peri-orbital rejuvenation with fat grafts). Fat grafts will also contribute to a fresher looking, shinny, glowing skin, most likely due to effect of transplanted stem cells.

Age: 56
Gender: Female