Does Neck Lift Surgery Scar?

Does Neck Lift Surgery Scar?

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Will a Neck Surgery Leave Scars?

Neck lift surgery, as with all cosmetic surgery, is meant to enhance our appearance, not cause further issues. So it’s completely understandable if  you are concerned about the potential scars left by neck lift surgery. Our expert plastic surgery staff has answered the most asked questions regarding neck lift scars as well as scar management tips here.

Does Neck Lift Surgery Scar?

One of the prices we pay for cosmetic surgery is the presence of scars. Surgery requires incisions, and incisions leave scars, and in this case, neck lift surgery is no different.

So the bad news is that neck lift surgery does leave scars, but the good news is that an experienced plastic surgeon knows exactly how to minimize the amount of scarring caused by neck lift surgery. An even better plastic surgeon will not only reduce the level of scarring but also hide those scars, so they look invisible and natural.

A scar is just our body’s attempt to fix us quickly, and the more aggressive the healing process, the more severe the scar.

How to Avoid Neck Lift Surgery Scarring

The best way to avoid scars is to make sure you find an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. Expert plastic surgeons know how to reduce incisions sizes, how to hide scars in natural body creasing, and will spend time meticulously closing an incision.

All these factors play a huge part in making sure you don’t scar after a neck lift or face lift.

How to Treat Scars from Neck Lift Surgery

Ask your plastic surgeon for a recommendation for scar management. For the most part, plastic surgeons and dermatologists agree that there are a few common ways to ensure that you do not scar [1].


Keep your incision areas clean after the neck lift surgery. The plastic surgeon will provide or recommend cleaning agents that should be used as directed. Follow the directions clearly and make sure that you keep up with your regiment daily. Ask a loved one to help you stay on task.


Moisture is good for healing scars but be careful to continuously change and redress your incisions as necessary. Ask your plastic surgeon about petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and how you can use that to lessen any neck lift scars.


Sunscreen is your friend! Once the incisions have healed, be sure to use sunscreen on your scars [2]. Most face moisturizer has a sufficient SPF to ensure that scars heal fast. Make sure to apply that to your scar until you are comfortable with the results.



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