Debunking Plastic Surgery Myths

Debunking Plastic Surgery Myths

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Plastic Surgery Myths

In today’s digital world, it is usually effortless to get answers, but it’s also easy to get false information. Cosmetic Surgery is no exception. Unfortunately, many plastic surgery myths circle around, and they sometimes stop people from getting procedures they may want or even need. 

Here are some of the most common myths:

  • Plastic surgery is only for women
  • Plastic surgery lasts forever
  • Only wealthy people can afford cosmetic surgery 
  • Patients should wait until they are older 

Reality vs. Myth

It is always important to be as informed as possible on the benefits, risks, and other details about any performed procedure. Additionally, it would help if you also were mindful of where the information is coming from, so our cosmetics surgery center in Fort Lauderdale wants to help iron out some myths about plastic surgery. 

Myth #1: Plastic Surgery Is Only for Women

While women do make up a majority of the patients, one of the biggest plastic surgery myths is that it is only for women, a myth that is far from the truth. With so many procedures out there, men have many options, too. Cosmetic surgeries like calf augmentation, pectoral implants, chin augmentation, and hair transplantation are among the most common surgeries among men. 

Myth #2: Plastic Surgery Lasts Forever

How long does plastic surgery last? While some procedures can last up to 20-30 years, none of the procedures are magic. Different lifestyle changes help elongate the plastic surgery results, like changing your skincare routine, committing to a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise, or less invasive touch-ups through the years. 

Myth #3: Only Wealthy People Can Afford Cosmetic Surgery 

Like most things today, plastic surgery offers many flexible financing options. Most patients are middle class and use their income to pay for the procedures. It also helps that most of the non-surgical procedures are relatively cost-effective. 

Myth #4: Patients Should Wait Until They Are Older

Aging is a big part of why people get plastic surgery, but waiting too long could negatively affect the procedure. For example, some procedures will require the skin to be pulled to achieve the desired outcome, but the result may not look as natural as the patient had hoped for if the skin was already sagging. Having less dramatic procedures at a younger age could help maintain the plastic surgery results longer and aid in a more natural look. 

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