How to Decide on the Right Breast Augmentation Size?

How to Decide on the Right Breast Augmentation Size?

A surgeon prepares a woman for a breast augmentation

Deciding on the Right Breast Augmentation Size

Knowing how to pick breast implant sizes is not easy for the women who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The knowledge of both implant breast sizes and how to choose the right one seems to be a fountain of knowledge that many do not know or have not even considered before they decide to undergo surgery. To make the process of deciding on what breast augmentation size to consider Dr. Zoran Potparic, the leading plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, has created this guide to sizes and how to choose the right one! With over thirty years of experience in the field, our team has not only the expertise but also the experience to weigh in on the issue with confidence. 

What Are the Breast Implant Size Options?

Understanding how breast implant size scales are different from the traditional cup scale is important when deciding on which size to go with. For starters, you aren’t going to see a traditional A, B, C, etc. scaling, instead the measurements are done in cc, with the available range being between 100-800cc in the United States. For reference when sizing, most implants tend to fall within the 300-400cc range and are usually explained in how the cup size will change, this is done for the convenience of the patient who is likely much more familiar with cup sizes rather than cc. Breast augmentation sizes may seem complicated at first, but once explained by the surgeon choosing the right implant size will become a breeze.

Breast Augmentation: Picking a Size

The first step in deciding what size breast implants to get is to think about your current lifestyle and how your augmentation may positively or negatively affect it. Different breast augmentation sizes come with different implications; the general rule of thumb is that the larger you go the more an active lifestyle will be affected by the surgery. Someone knowing how to know what size implants to get will greatly revolve around their own lifestyles and preferences, take the right amount of time when deciding which size to get and you are sure to fall in love with your new body.  Also be sure to get the best work done by teaming up with an expert team that you can rely on.

Looking for Breast Augmentation in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

If you are in need of breast augmentation surgery in South Florida, be sure to contact Dr. Zoran, the plastic surgeon Fort Lauderdale can rely on! The doctor offers a wide range of procedures and would love to be of help in making your body the one of your dreams. See some of our past work or read some of our other articles to get the latest on all things cosmetic surgery.


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