Calf Implants
This 23 year old Palm Beach cosmetic surgery patient came to our office for consultation regarding enlargement and contouring of her calves. She thought that her thin calves made her “X leg deformity” more visible.

Once thorough clinical evaluation was completed we discussed leg reshaping with silicone calf implants. Patient insisted on having a size smaller implants then what we initially suggested.

Her surgery was done in general anesthesia in our accredited plastic office surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. A small, 7 cm long incisions was used to place small soft silicone rubber implants on top of the calf muscle in the inner aspect of the legs. This was done in order to reshape and enlarge only inner aspect of the calves.

Images on the left show deformity of the calves before calf surgery with silicone implants. On the right patient is shown 4 months after calf enlargement and shaping with soft silicone rubber implants. Notice scars placed in the knee crease; they will continue to improve and fade. There is a noticeable change in contour of the inner aspect of the calves. Larger implants, as we initially proposed to patient, would most likely provide even better shape and balance.

Age: 23
Gender: Female