• Brow Lift


A 56-year-old out of town plastic surgery patient wanted improvement and elevation of his brow. When he presented in our cosmetic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale his mayor complain was a heavy, droopy brows and deep frown lines that makes him look “angry and worried”.

Our clinical evaluation demonstrated lower positioned, heavy looking eyebrows, skin redundancy (folds) on the upper eyelids and wrinkled, saggy lower eyelids. He also had a mild to moderate upper eyelid ptosis (his upper are hanging low covering portion of his iris and partially obstructing vision) (left). We discussed endoscopic which will elevate his brows and to a certain degree improve the appearance of upper eyelids. We have also discussed upper and lower blepharoplasty and ptosis repair. Patient elected to have endoscopic only.

Forehead/brow lift was performed in local anesthesia with sedation (twilight anesthesia) through 3 small, 2cm long incisions hidden in the hairline.  A strong forehead muscles that create frown lines were partially removed and weakened to diminish heavy frown lines; brows were lifted for 1-1.5 cm.

Before eyebrow lift (left); 1 year after endoscopic brow and forehead lift (right). Notice improvement in the appearance of the upper eyelids and opening of the eyes. No surgery was done on eyelids; no eyelid ptosis repair.

On the left patient is shown before brow lift (forehead lift); on the right patient is shown 1 year after endoscopic brow lift. We were able to significantly improve his heavy frown lines by removing portion of forehead muscles using endoscopic camera and instruments that allow us to reach and operate in remote areas using minimal, well-hidden incisions.  There are no visible scars on his forehead right. Few years after this procedure patient underwent upper and lower eyelid surgery as well.


Age: 56
Gender: Male