• Brow Lift


A 46-years-old Boca Raton plastic surgery patient presented in our Fort Lauderdale  office requesting improvement of eyelids and brows. She was mostly concerned about appearance of her brows which used to be very high but recently have descended.. She did not like hooding of the upper eyelids as well.

Clinical evaluation demonstrated a mild brow asymmetry (right brow being slightly lower) and mild brow ptosis (drooping) which created hooding in the upper eyelids. Patient also had moderate lower eyelid fat bags and tear trough deformity (left).

Surgery was performed in our office based AAAA Certified Surgery Center in general anesthesia performed by Board Certified anesthesiologist. It consisted of an endoscopic brow lift which allowed us to lift brows and achieve symmetry. This also addressed hooding of the upper eyelids and “opened her eyes” without performing any surgery on the upper eyelids. Under direct vision through endoscopic camera we removed a portion of muscles between the brows which further helped elevation of the brow and reduced wrinkling (crease) between the brows (right). Patient had lower blepharoplasty through an inside the lower eyelid incision in the same surgery and fat grafting around the eyes (periorbital rejuvenation).

Before endoscopic brow lift (left); 6 months after brow lift and lower blepharoplasty (right).

Endoscopic brow lift is performed trough 2-3 small 2cm incisions placed in the hairline. Skin is elevated from the forehead bone with assistance of the endoscopic camera.  Small muscles between the brows, which pool brows downward, are partially removed to reduce wrinkles and allow elevation of the brow. Two small absorbable plates with protruding hooks are fixed to the bone and skin flap is pulled up into desired position to achieve brow lift and symmetry. Flap is attached to the plates and secured to maintain desired lift for several weeks until skin is firmly attached to the bone in a new position.

Both images (left and right lower) demonstrate a small scar hidden in the hairline 6 months after brow lift surgery (endoscopic brow lift). This scar will completely fade within a year after surgery.

Age: 46
Gender: Female