• Breast Lift


A young 31-year-old woman who gave birth and was breast feeding for 6 months. She noticed deflation and sagging of her breasts as soon as she stopped breast feeding. Although she is planning to have more kids she decided to have cosmetic breast surgery done 1 year after giving a birth to a child.

Considering that she demonstrated not only loss of breast tissue volume (deflation) but also a droopiness of both breasts we discussed breast augmentation with implants and a breast lift to correct this typical post-partial deformity of the breasts.

In our AAAA certified office surgery center in Fort Lauderdale we have performed both enlargement and breast lift in the same time. Although these are basically two different breast surgery procedures they are frequently combined in a single surgery to save on surgery/anesthesia time and recovery. A 425 ml moderate profile smooth silicone gel implants were placed in sub muscular pockets (underneath the chest muscles); a doughnut type breast lift was done through in incision around areola. A small, circular, doughnut like peace of skin was removed around areolas and breast tissue was contoured and lifted. Patient was discharged home 1 hour after breast augmentation/breast lift procedure, pain free. She was back to her normal activities in 10 days.

Images on the left show patient before breast enlargement and breast lifting surgery; images on the right demonstrate patient’s result 1 year after breast lift/augmentation with silicone implant. This is a typical “mommy make over” procedure with immediate improvement and very gratifying for a young mom.

Age: 31
Gender: Female

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