• Arm Lift


A 52-year-old Miami plastic surgery patient presented to our office with request for removal of sagging arm skin. She wanted breasts lift to be done in the same time.

After thorough clinical evaluation and discussion about available surgical options we decided to proceed with correction of bat wings deformity and breast lift in a single stage.

Surgery was performed in our accredited surgery center in general anesthesia. It included removal of sagging, redundant skin from the arms and armpits (brachioplasty) and lifting of the breasts. Surgery lasted approximately 6 hours. Patient was discharged home accompanied by her daughter 1.5 hours after surgery. Her post-operative recovery went uneventful. She was back to work 2 weeks after surgery. She had an elastic garment (sleeves and bra) applied on her arms and breasts for 4 weeks to help reduce swelling and support healing of the scars.

On the left patient is shown before surgery. Notice moderately severe sagging of the arm skin on the front and back view. Six months after brachioplasty (removal of excess skin from the arms and armpits, arm lift) patient has tight skin and improved contour of the arms. Arm lift scar is well hidden on the front and back view right. Notice improvement of the breasts after breast lift (mastopexy).

Age: 52
Gender: Female