• Buttock Lift


This 43-year-old cosmetic patient from Boca Raton presents to our office for a consult regarding her buttocks; they are flat and saggy in her opinion. She wanted to know whether her butt could be lifted and enlarged without using silicone implants.

After clinical evaluation was completed we discussed available options of buttock augmentation (enlargement) with patient own tissue. Considering that she was very slim and did not have any fat tissue that could be used for buttock augmentation by means of fat grafts we discussed a buttock lift and augmentation with buttock flaps.

Her surgery was done in the office based accredited surgery center under general anesthesia supervised by an anesthesiologist. In order to lift her sagging buttocks, we removed a portion of skin from the area between lower back and buttock. Thick fat tissue from that area was not removed; it was pulled down to fill the upper and central portion of the buttocks. Buttocks skin was then pulled up over these flaps to complete buttocks lift.

Patient is shown on the left image before undergoing buttock lift and buttock augmentation surgery. Notice how flat her buttocks are in particular in the upper and central portion and saggy skin in the lower portion just above buttock crease. On the right, patient is shown 1.5 years after lift and enlargement of the buttocks using patient’s own tissue. Notice fullness and roundness of the cheeks and barely visible scar hidden under any type of underwear.

Age: 43
Gender: Female