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Nose reshaping-or rhinoplasty-is one of the most common procedures sought by Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach plastic surgery patients. The procedure is favored by people looking to make cosmetic changes, functional changes, or both to their nose. It can improve a person’s disproportionate appearance by altering the size and shape of the nose, the span of the nostrils, or the angle between the nose and the lip. In addition, nose reshaping can be performed to correct birth or posttraumatic deformity, or to improve breathing problems. It is also useful in restoring a natural look after a broken nose.


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There are two ways a rhinoplasty can be performed: one is through incisions hidden inside the nose (known as a closed rhinoplasty), the other is by creating an additional incision well hidden at the base of the nose (known as an open rhinoplasty).

Each rhinoplasty method has its benefits and challenges. The key is to thoroughly discuss your goals, health, and other factors with your doctor to together determine the best course.

A rhinoplasty can be combined with other nose procedures, such as correcting a deviated septum, which is when the nasal wall is shifted to one side, making one nasal passage smaller and one larger than the other. This condition can cause breathing problems, including restricted airflow, bleeding, and outright obstruction.

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When it comes to rhinoplasty, Dr. Zoran Potparic will choose the necessary treatment depending on a patient’s particular nasal deformity. If there is a prominent nasal hump, the surgeon will remove the hump by carving away excess cartilage and bone. Once the hump is removed, the nasal bones may be cut to move them together, creating a narrower base of the nose. When the nasal tip is wide and bulbous, the surgeon must shape the tip cartilages to create a narrower and finer tip that projects above the dorsum of the nose.

Cartilage grafts may also be used to smooth the dorsal ridge or to support the nasal tip. These cartilage grafts are usually taken from the septum of the nose or, less frequently, from the ear or the rib.

In order to achieve good access to the multiple areas of the nose, most plastic surgeons prefer open rhinoplasty. A small incision is made across the columella at the base of the nose, followed by incisions inside the nostrils. This allows the surgeon to entirely lift the skin of the nose from the nasal framework and reshape all necessary structures.

  • Price estimate for rhinoplasty: $3,000 – $7,500+
  • Type of anesthesia: general or twilight
  • Duration of surgery: 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Surgical facility: AAAA-certified Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Recovery time: 1 to 2 weeks (1 week with a splint)
  • Discomfort: none to minimal
  • Removal of stitches: 1 week

Dr. Zoran Potparic

Dr. Zoran Potparic is a world renowned, board certified plastic surgeon serving the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. He is known for achieving natural looking results for his plastic and cosmetic surgery patients.


In a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon will create internal incisions inside of the nostrils and then elevate skin from the nasal framework. Although this technique was used for more than 150 years with great success, it may not be appropriate for all patients. It offers limited access to the tip of the nose and doesn’t allow for precise shaping of the tip cartilages. However, surgeons who routinely use this approach claim results equal to those of open rhinoplasty.

After the surgeon completes reshaping the nose and correcting the nasal airway, the incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches. Splints (silicone tubes) are placed inside the nostrils to provide support and decrease swelling. Paper tape with a metal splint on top of it is applied on the skin of the nose; the tape and splint help to confine tissue to the new framework and prevent severe swelling.

  • Type of anesthesia: general or twilight
  • Duration of surgery: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
  • Surgical facility: AAAA-certified Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Recovery time: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Discomfort: none to mild


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