Neck Liposuction and Chin Implant

Patient wanted chin augmentation to enhance her profile. Correction of small chin is definitely something to consider first in this patient but improvement of neck contour and jawline enhancement with liposuction would further improve facial balance and harmony of the profile. Surgery was done in twilight anesthesia and consisted of liposuction of neck and jawline…

Liposuction, Contouring of Torso

This patient had mild gynecomastia and mild to moderate fat deposits 9lipodystrophy) of abdomen, flanks, and lower back. Liposuction of all these areas was done in general anesthesia. Before and 6 months after photos of lipo-sculpting of torso are presented. Marketing

Neck liposuction and chin implant

This patient wanted correction and improvement of her heavy neck. After in person evaluation and discussion about her goals we decided to do neck liposuction and to ad a small chin implant to improve result. Before surgery photos and 6 months after neck liposuction/chin implant surgery are presented. Marketing

Tummy tuck-Abdominoplasty

This patient wanted small improvement in abdomen. Tummy tuck (preserving his belly button in place) was done in combination with liposuction. Before and 1 year after photos are presented. Marketing