Tips for Fast Facelift Recovery

Tips for Fast Facelift Recovery

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Fast Facelift Recovery Tips

Whether it’s because of the constant Zoom meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, years spent in the sun without protection, genetics or simply due to age, the skin on our face has seen better days. Our faces are prone to sagging skin, it’s just the inevitability of aging. More and more people are turning to facelifts for a more youthful appearance. 

Facelifts are cosmetic procedures designed to tighten facial muscles, lift tissue and remove unwanted excess skin. Before you go under the knife, it’s important you understand the facelift recovery process. Are you unsure of the recovery time for a facelift? The recovery time for a facelift is usually around 2-4 weeks, but you won’t be fully healed for about 6-8 weeks. Our team wants to make sure you have a clearer understanding of how to recover from a facelift before you even leave the operating room. Here are a few facelift recovery tips from our board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale

Fast Facelift Recovery Tips

Aside from your general plastic surgery preparation, it’s important to understand the facelift recovery process. That’s why our team has created a few tips to help you recover from a facelift. 

Don’t Overdo It 

One of the most important facelift recovery tips is that you should not overexert yourself post-operation. After any type of surgery, especially facial procedures, it’s crucial that you take it easy. Try to avoid overexerting yourself to avoid any complications. Bending down or picking up anything heavy can increase your blood pressure to your face, which can lead to a hematoma. It’s important you are waiting at least two weeks before returning to your daily routine. 

Stay Out of the Sun

Our team understands that we live in the Sunshine State, but it’s crucial you are staying out of the sun. Your face will be more prone to sunburns due to an increase in sensitivity post-facelift surgery. Patients should avoid sun exposure if possible. It’s also vital you use a high SPF sunblock to reduce the risk of sunburns and to protect your healing skin. Your face will also experience numbness and will not be able to tell if your skin is too hot or too cold, so try to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. 

Stick To Your Doctor’s Plan

One of the most important facelift recovery tips is to stick to your doctor’s plan. Each facelift surgery will have a different recovery plan, recovery time and recovery style. Your plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale will create a personalized plan that will be crucial to your recovery. It’s important to put aside your personal schedule and stick to the one your doctor created especially for you. 

Patience Is Key! 

To effectively recover from a facelift requires a ton of patience. Being patient during your facelift recovery will be incredibly challenging, but we promise it will all be worth it.  Our team understands that you may feel like time is staying still while you are recovering, but it’s important to remind yourself to take it day by day. You can’t rush your facelift recovery. A slow and steady recovery will be worth it in the long run. We promise you will be back in your normal routine in no time!   

Schedule Your Facelift Today 

Are you ready to schedule your facelift consultation today? Contact our team to get started! Our boutique surgery center in Fort Lauderdale is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art surgical technology. At our surgical suite, we provide safety, convenience, comfort and discretion. Make sure to keep our facelift recovery tips in mind as you heal. Our team wishes you a simple and speedy facelift recovery. 

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