Facelift Versus Neck lift

Facelift Versus Neck lift

Facelift vs Neck Lift

As humans we cannot stop time or keep ourselves from aging, but with the help of cosmetic surgery, we can minimize the appearance of it. Dr. Zoran Potparic is an experienced board-certified doctor who performs plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale and liposuction in Fort Lauderdale to help patients look younger and feel more youthful. When our patients start to notice signs of aging they do not like, they usually start with plastic surgery on the face and neck, but you should first know the difference between a facelift and a neck lift before you decide to get surgery.

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What is Facelift Surgery?

The technical term for a facelift surgery is a rhytidectomy. It a plastic surgery procedure that is used to improve signs of aging on the face by minimizing wrinkles and lifting sagging facial tissue. The exact surgery procedure can depend on the patient’s individual needs and wants, but it usually includes direct excision, liposuction, and fat grafting. While a facelift focuses on the lower and middle areas of the face like the cheeks and jawline, a full facelift will include neck rejuvenation as well.
It is important to note that brow lifts and eyelid surgery are different procedures that are available for patients who want to focus on those areas.

What is Neck Lift Surgery?

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgery that concentrates specifically on eliminating signs of aging under the jaw and on the neck. In the Sunshine State, there is little season to wear scarves and turtleneck sweaters in the blaring heat, so your neck is constantly exposed. If you are uncomfortable with the sagging on your neck, you may want to consider getting just a neck lift. This procedure does not include any corrections to the face. A neck lift will pull loose skin tighter helping to correct turkey neck.

Similar to a neck lift is neck contouring through liposuction which focuses on removing fat from the neck rather than concentrating on wrinkles and signs of aging. Dr. Zoran also performs liposuction in Fort Lauderdale, including neck contouring procedures.

Should you get a facelift or neck lift?

Plastic surgery can be overwhelming if you do not know anything about it. It can be difficult to decide which procedure is the best for you. You can pull your skin up in certain areas in the mirror to get an idea of how the different procedures may look, but the best way to know for sure is to talk to a professional.
If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale and cannot decide between a facelift and a neck lift, come visit us for a free consultation. Dr. Zoran Potparic will be able to help guide you.

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