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Neck Contouring Via Lipo

Everyone wants an attractive neck, something that both men and women think is appealing to others. When trying on clothes, we see ourselves one way-and others see us a bit different. Certain clothes and jewelry can enhance or detract from our neck. If you're unhappy with how your neck looks, maybe you need to think about neck contouring via lipo.

Patients who have a full neck due to accumulation of fat underneath the chin-but without other features of neck aging-can be candidates for neck contouring using lipo. These patients are young (teenage to mid-40s) and typically also have a weak chin/lower jaw, which exaggerates the neck deformity.

Removal of superficial fat from the neck using a small-suction cannula and a few small incisions is minimally invasive, but may have a tremendous benefit in contouring the neck. Addition of a chin implant, when needed, will make quite a difference.

  • Type of anesthesia: local, twilight, or general
  • Surgical facility: AAAA-certified Ambulatory Surgery Center, outpatient surgery center
  • Duration of surgery: 1 to 2 hour
  • Discomfort: none to mild

Dr. Zoran Potparic handles neck contouring via lipo for Fort Lauderdale-area patients at his practice. For a free consultation, please call (954) 779-2777 or contact us online.

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Dr. Zoran Potparic offers free consultations and encourages patients to come to him with their questions. Before and after pictures are available for visual reference during the consultation. For more information, or to set up your free neck contouring and lipo consultation, call (954) 779-2777 or contact us online.

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