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Maria Drake, Office Manager

Maria Drake, Office Manager

As office manager, Maria has a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of our office. Her background in diplomacy, languages (she fluently speaks five languages), and the fact that she lived for many years in different places around the world make her an excellent communicator and help everybody around her feel welcome and comfortable. With her charm, kindness, and punctuality, she will assist you with a wide range of services, from administrative, medical records, and legal issues, to travel and accommodations assistance for our out-of-town and international patients.

Faith Patterson, Medical Billing

Faith Patterson, Medical Billing

Faith deals with billing, insurance, and accounts payable. She is in charge of "collecting money," probably the most difficult job in private medical office these days. As unpleasant as her job may be, Faith uses it as an opportunity to help patients pay their bills in a convenient and affordable manner. For the past 14 years since Faith has been associated with our office, she has had it as her priority to educate patients about their health plan coverage and how to best work with their insurance company in conjunction with their surgery. In her kind, patient, and relentless way, she was able to help patients with payments for medical services rendered from profit-driven and frequently greedy health insurance companies.

Kim Manion, Registered Nurse

Kim is Dr. Zoran's registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, and has been at this practice since 2014. As a patient of ours, you will get to see her frequently in the office. She is a positive presence during your consultation as well as every aspect of your surgical journey. Kim is always available to answer your questions you may have and eager to provide support and encouragement. A safe and successful experience with our team is Kim's priority.

Jackie Wofford, Surgical Technologist

Jackie is Dr. Zoran's right-hand during surgery in the AAAA Certified Surgery Center. She handles the instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary during surgery. As a surgical tech, Jackie has an understanding of the procedures being performed, and anticipates the needs of Dr. Zoran during his surgical performances. Additionally, she has the knowledge and ability to ensure high quality, patient care during the operative stage of the procedure, and constantly maintains a sterile environment.

Lucette Baptiste, Anesthesiologist

Lucette is very detail-oriented and thorough. She cares for the patient right before, during, and immediately after the surgical performance by administering the appropriate anesthesia and monitoring the patient. Furthermore, Lucette ensures the comfort of the patient and pain management.

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