• Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery
  • Facial, Chin Implants



A 34 year-old plastic surgery Miami patient wanted correction of her nose. She was not sure whether anything else beside a “nose job” could be done to improve appearance of her lower face and profile. Our clinical evaluation showed that patient has a small nose hump and bulbous nose tip. She also had a small (protruded) chin. Based on our clinical analysis we proposed open rhinoplasty with cartilage tip grafts and a silicone chin implant.

Surgery was performed in our Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery AAAA Certified Surgery Center. It consisted of open rhinoplasty (external rhinoplasty) which involved reduction of nose hump, refinement and rotation of nasal tip with shaping of nasal cartilages and nasal cartilage grafts. She also underwent placement of silicone chin implant through an incision inside the mouth. Recovery was uneventful with a mild swelling and bruising around eyes; nasal splint was removed after7 days. Patient was on a soft diet for 5-7 days. Postoperative photos shows patient before (left) and 1 year after surgery (right) which consisted of open rhinoplasty and chin augmentation with silicone implant.  Her profile demonstrates not only improved balance between nose, lip and chin, but also gives impression of improvement in the neck (like a neck lift)

Age: 34
Gender: Female