Can You Fix a Cocaine Nose?

Can You Fix a Cocaine Nose?

A surgeon applying a shot to the nose of a patient.

What is commonly referred to as a “cocaine nose collapse” is what is professionally known as a deviated septum, it is essentially a situation where the nose of a user of the substance suffers damage from said use. Although this short-hand term is commonly used, it can actually occur to someone who has never used the drug and has no plans to, occurring naturally for a variety of reasons. But what exactly is a deviated septum, and can you fix your cocaine nose hole after the fact through cosmetic surgery? Dr. Zoran Potparic and his team are experts in the field of Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery, and with such experience comes the knowledge to bring insight into the field of these sorts of procedures. If you are interested in the potential for a “Cocaine nose job”, then this article was created with you and your desires in mind. 


What Does Cocaine Do To Your Nose?

Before covering if and how the expert and experienced staff at the South Florida center for cosmetic surgery operated by Dr. Zoran can repair a cocaine nose, it is important to establish what the specific condition entails and why it has gained such a famous nickname. The typical cocaine nose hole is actually a deviated septum, it has gained the popular nickname due to the cocaine damage to the nose of users causing an unnatural change to the nose of users which mimics the natural appearance of a deviated septum. Though the changes are often noticed because of appearance, there are actually plenty of other symptoms which could prove to be more irritating than the initial changes in looks. Things such as trouble breathing during sleep hours, constant nosebleeds, or perpetual congestion are all probable results of a deviated septum. The Dr. Zoran team understands just how much of an issue this can become over time, and also know that one of the common reasons a cocaine nose is mentioned, is followed by inquiries as to if it is fixable. Luckily, there are ways that Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery could be useful in this situation. 


Fixing Cocaine Noses the Right Way

 Whether you have a naturally deviated septum or do truly suffer from the most literal version of cocaine nose, the issues in your nose function and appearance do not need to be left unaddressed. With the modern procedures offered by our expert cosmetic surgery team, you could change the appearance and function of your nose no matter what your genetics say or the extent of what cocaine nose damage was suffered. The procedure is similar to the very common and accepted as safe rhinoplasty procedures offered for purely cosmetic purposes, the difference is that with a deviated septum you will also be fixing potentially life-long issues associated with the comfort and functionality of your nose. The procedure is a common one, but that is not an excuse to expect anything but the best care and attentive staff to be present; Dr. Zoran Potparic can do both and proudly awaits a call from you when you decide that it is time to take your appearance back into your hands. With expert care and unmatched experience, there really is only one physician you should consider when you’re in need of help with a deviated septum in South Florida. 


Plastic Surgery Fort Lauderdale Patients Can Trust

Are you suffering from a deviated septum, whether it is from natural means or is the result of a “cocaine nose”? Then you should be sure that the surgery you take part in is conducted by an expert staff and led by an experienced physician, you will find all these needs met when you get in touch with Dr. Zoran Potparic! Take a look at some of our team’s past work to get an idea of just how amazing your procedure can come out or see our procedural offerings and see what our professional team can do for you. Are you interested in more articles such as this one which covers a variety of different topics related to cosmetic surgery? Look at our South Florida plastic surgery blog today to get expert insights from our team of professionals. Look the way you’ve always wanted to, and get it done by having all your work done by our team of experts. 


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