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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zoran Potparic views breast surgery at his Fort Lauderdale practice as a very individualized undertaking. So it's important to have a good understanding of your personal needs and expectations and to be able to express them to him. Together, the two of you can then discuss the options available to you, whether you want to increase or reduce your breast size, enhance their shape, or something else, and choose just the right procedure for your body and desired outcome. After breast enhancement surgery, many of Dr. Potparic's patients feel more confident, more attractive in clothing, and believe that they finally present the image they choose to the world.

What are my options?

Breast implants are obviously used to make breasts larger; however, implants alone may not adequately lift the breasts. Additional procedures may be recommended to achieve your goals, so Dr. Potparic may suggest combining procedures, such as a mastopexy (breast lift) along with breast augmentation in South Florida. He personalizes each of the following breast procedures to the patient's unique anatomy and asthetic goals:

Surgery length for the various procedures is typically a matter of hours at Dr. Potparic's office and AAAA-accredited Ambulatory Surgical Center in Fort Lauderdale. Recovery time is a few weeks.

Dr. Potparic is happy to help with breast enhancement and related needs. For a free consultation, please call (954) 779-2777 or contact us online.

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