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September Special on Kybella!

Kybella treatments will be 10% off through the month of September! This is by appointment only. Call us at 954.779.2777 to schedule your Kybella! Tune into Dr. Zoran Potparic’s blog for monthly specials. Each month will star a different special on a specific treatment, filler, procedure or service!    

Bring a Friend for Botox or Fillers and Both Receive 10% OFF

August is near! Bring a friend for the Takes Two to Tango Special, and both receive 10% off on Botox or fillers. Through the month of August and by appointment only. Don’t forget to both come in with the code: FILL ME UP. To book or for more information, call us at 954.779.2777!    

New Patients Receive 10% OFF Botox and Fillers!

August is near! For your first visit visit, new patients receive 10% off Botox and fillers. Through the month of August, and by appointment only! Don’t forget to come in with the code: SMOOTH ME OUT. To book or for more information, call us at 954.779.2777!    

Opening up Pandora’s Box on Labiaplasty

You may have heard in recent years of a certain procedure taking over the plastic surgery mainstream. Dare I say it? Labiaplasty! And there is no shame in our game. We are now in an era where more and more women are opening up to speaking about their sexual health and appearance of their lady parts. Thought to be considered a controversial procedure due to standards portrayed in pornographic films and the stigma that implies vaginas are so unappealing we basically have to go under the knife in order to feel “normal” – but that’s simply not the case. Vagina … Continue reading

“F” is for February and Also Facial Implants!

What is the very first thing you notice when you meet someone? Is it the shoes they’re wearing on their feet? Is it the way they impeccably styled their hair? Perhaps the shiny new Rolex on their wrist?… More than likely, they’re looking at your face. “Facial asymmetry and dis-balance is the first thing we notice on other people’s faces. They may have a small chin, large nose, one side of the face is smaller than the other, bulgy, protruding eyes, etc. Although facial asymmetry (difference between left and right side of the face) is considered normal and not easily … Continue reading


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