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What is Internal Bra Lift? Does it Work?

Isn’t a breast lift forever?! Sometimes patients figure out that a breast lift doesn’t last as long as they expected, and after several months or years the shape of the breasts start to change. This is because…GRAVITY comes into play and takes the perkiness away! Basically, the perky breast becomes flatter and more concave in the upper pole and more convex and saggy in the lower pole.     Plastics surgeons have been faced with this fact, and have been trying to find a solution to improve it for over 50 years. Every year, there are over 100,000 breast lift … Continue reading

New Year, New Financing!

Easy Payment Plans Patient financing is very common in plastic surgery. There are many patients and those who inquire about procedures that apply or use financing for their surgery. But then there are some people who don’t get accepted  because of their credit history or credit score. This year, Dr. Zoran added a new patient financing company that is very different from the others. Protapay Quick Patient Funding checks the status of your bank account instead of your credit score. Click here to learn more or give us a call at 954-779-2777!  

What is Non-Surgical (Liquid) Rhinoplasty?

In a busy plastic surgery office we get several inquiries on dermal fillers and non-invasive treatments to replace the option of surgery every day. A lot of potential patients think “Oh! I can get the same result with just a needle or laser.” But this isn’t always the case. The results with a non-invasive treatments are usually more subtle, require a specific candidate and may take several visits to achieve the desired outcome. Why do people put their hopes up for the non-invasive procedures? There are many reasons, such as fear of surgery, financial aspects, and recovery time. A treatment … Continue reading

Crisalix is our 3D simulation application that takes photos or scans the area of your body to be treated, and then digitally manipulates the images to give you an idea of the results. Visualizing these changes can aid in the decision-making process and help you feel confident about your choices. Click here to create your own 3D simulation profile by filling in your profile, sending in three photos, and requesting a consultation!

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