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September Special on Kybella!

Kybella treatments will be 10% off through the month of September! This is by appointment only. Call us at 954.779.2777 to schedule your Kybella! Tune into Dr. Zoran Potparic’s blog for monthly specials. Each month will star a different special on a specific treatment, filler, procedure or service!    

Reverse or Upper Abdominoplasty

When Your Mood Fluctuates With the Size of Your Breasts What happens after you go under a total of 13 Breast Augmentations? All of a sudden, the extremely large breasts hang too low on your chest in your upper abdomen. Then the procedures range from a natural, proportional size to two large bowling balls, while the size fluctuates in a span of 500cc – 1600cc. Well, this is likely to be unheard of unless you know about the infamous Anna Nicole Smith. So, what’s next? There’s only so much you can do, right? A patient of Dr. Zoran Potparic, M.D. … Continue reading

Bring a Friend for Botox or Fillers and Both Receive 10% OFF

August is near! Bring a friend for the Takes Two to Tango Special, and both receive 10% off on Botox or fillers. Through the month of August and by appointment only. Don’t forget to both come in with the code: FILL ME UP. To book or for more information, call us at 954.779.2777!    

New Patients Receive 10% OFF Botox and Fillers!

August is near! For your first visit visit, new patients receive 10% off Botox and fillers. Through the month of August, and by appointment only! Don’t forget to come in with the code: SMOOTH ME OUT. To book or for more information, call us at 954.779.2777!    

5 Things to Do to Put Yourself at Ease Before Surgery

Let’s face it – we’ve all had those butterflies in your stomach before something very exciting happens but preoperative anxiety is no walk in the park. Whether anxiety is a regular occurrence or it is just plain jitters – just know that preoperative anxiety is very normal.  Here are some foolproof ways to calm those pesky nerves. Learn about the procedure. Being well informed about your surgery takes away the “unknown”. Many people tend to stress or over analyze about things that they are uneducated about, thus planting a certain fear in their brains. The more you know about your procedure, … Continue reading


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